What’s in the ToolKit?

More on our Workplace Violence ToolkitThe ToolKit is presented in an actionable format, ready for immediate implementation. Customization of these tools, via the software provided, to synchronize with a company’s existing plans and procedures, is suggested to improve overall effectiveness of current workplace violence prevention programs.


Client Support

Firestorm’s Workplace Violence Toolkit package includes one enterprise license for your client’s corporate headquarters location. The license includes the following:

    • One Workplace Violence Toolkit Binder with 18 individual sections that include relevant materials for the implementation of a Workplace Violence Prevention Program.
    • Access to up to two (2) pre-recorded webinars on topics related to the design or implementation of a Workplace Violence Prevention Program.
    • One (1) two-hour teleconference with a Firestorm principal to discuss relevant workplace violence initiatives. Additional consulting is available
    • Two Workplace Violence Self-Assessments within 12 months from initial contract.


ToolKit Tools

This ToolKit is designed to step you through a logical process in analyzing your Company’s vulnerabilities, establishing priorities, and creating a culture of preparedness.

    1. Introduction & Overview -Provides current data on violence in the workplace and can be used as a tool to engage team members and decision makers.
    2. ToolKit ‘How to’ Instructional Manual -Step-by-step instructions for use of tools. Provides a planning guideto identify the activities needed to prepare and implement the plan.Your Company will need to adapt this planning guide according to its unique needs and circumstances.
    3. Board Resolution -Provides draft Board Resolution to document Board engagement in decision processes.
    4. Workplace Violence Prevention Program Framework -Provides a sample Workplace Violence Prevention Program framework for your Company.  This document establishes a foundation for your Company’s program and should be customized as appropriate.
    5. Workplace Violence Policy – Provides a Policy Statement that defines unacceptable workplace behaviors and establishes disciplinary actions.
    6. Workplace Violence Plan – Provides a plan template that will become part of your Company’s overall program, once other sections of the ToolKit are customized for your environment and inserted into this plan.
    7. Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment –Provides a means of collecting information to identify workplace violence hazards and risks. These data items are needed to properly determine strategies that your Company will set to prevent, mitigate, and control acts of violence in your workplace.  The process includes document review, physical security assessment, and interviews with employees and management.
    8. Prevention – Mitigation – Control – Provides strategies for preventing, mitigating and controlling incidents of workplace violence. This section addresses how to recognize potential warning signs and how to respond to them in a way that may lessen the likelihood of escalation to a violent act.
    9. Training & Awareness –Provides material for the development of training and awareness programs to ensure that essential personnel have the knowledge and training necessary to effectively respond in the event of an act of violence in the workplace.
    10. Incident Reporting, Investigation, & Corrective Actions – Provides content for the establishment of a mandatory reporting process, thorough investigation, and follow-up with appropriate corrective actions.
    11. Responding to Threats and Acts of Violence – Provides tools needed to respond to acts of violence or threats thereof.
    12. More on our Workplace Violence ToolkitLegal Issues – Addresses legal issues employers need to be familiar with, such as, OSHA requirements, employee’s right to privacy, negligence, workers’ compensation, etc.
    13. Workplace Violence Employee Handbook– Employee-focused incident response actions for specific emergency scenarios such as fire, bomb threat, medical emergency, natural disaster, etc.
    14. Domestic Violence in the Workplace – Domestic violence is a unique type of workplace violence that needs to be addressed.  It represents violence that begins with a personal relationship and spills over into the workplace.  Understanding how to prepare for and respond to this type of violence is essential to the safety of all employees.
    15. Additional Policies– These policies can be implemented to supplement the workplace violence policy in Section 5 of this ToolKit.  Among the policies included are: background checks, harassment, bullying, employment records, and personal conduct.
    16. Checklists & Forms– Provides incident response forms for tracking decisions made and actions performed during an event.
    17. Glossary of Terms – Provides general terms associated with workplace violence.
    18. Appendices

A: DHS Active Shooter Response Booklet

B: Domestic Violence Workplace Assault Survey Results

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