Firestorm’s Business Continuity ToolKit: Fast Start to Business Continuity™

Well designed and executed plans can transform a crisis. Proper disaster planning requires that organizations PREDICT the vulnerability, PLAN the response, and PERFORM when the event occurs. Firestorm’s Business Continuity ToolKit offers valuable, vetted information for making strategic decisions needed at the corporate level to initiate an overall business continuity program. It also provides the specific steps needed to prepare for and mitigate the impacts of business interruptions, as well as supporting documents for testing, training and awareness.

Logical Planning

The Business Continuity ToolKit is designed to step organizations of all sizes through a logical planning process. Using Firestorm’s PREDICT. PLAN. PERFORM® process emphasized throughout the ToolKit, your company will have the opportunity to develop a culture of preparedness within its own organization.The ToolKit is invaluable to every organization, including those that:

  • Have comprehensive plans in place and want to validate them;
  • Want to do comprehensive planning, training and testing;
  • Are regulated and require a plan for compliance or to meet a board mandate;
  • Need to enhance their current program to include Crisis Management, IT-Disaster Recovery, Crisis Communications, etc. Firestorm’s ToolKit will provide the assistance necessary to meet your objective.

What’s in the ToolKit?

Planning Tools are produced in a high quality DVD format and include a hard-copy binder. Section content is presented in an actionable layout, ready for immediate implementation. Customization of these tools, via the software provided, to synchronize with existing plans and procedures, is suggested to improve overall effectiveness of your company’s current business continuity program.

Toolkit Sections Include:

1) Introduction & Overview
2) ToolKit ‘How To’ Instructional Guide
3) Board Resolution
4) Business Continuity Policy & Program Framework
5) Hazard Impact Matrix Form
6) BIA Data Collection Questionnaire & Summary BIA by Business Function
7) Risk Analysis BIA Findings Report
8) Monitoring and Triggers
9) Crisis Management Plan
10) Business Continuity Plan
11) IT-Disaster Recovery Plan
12) Information Security Policies
13) Crisis Communications Plan
14) EOC Reference Guide
15) Employee Emergency Response Handbook
16) Training & Awareness
17a)Program Testing Options
17b)Test Exercise Debriefing
18) Emergency Response Forms

Client Support

Firestorm’s Business Continuity Toolkit package includes an enterprise license for your company’s corporate headquarters. The license includes:

One Business Continuity Toolkit binder with 18 individual sections that include relevant materials for the implementation of a business continuity program.

Editable source files (Microsoft Office 2010 format) for sections 1-18 of the ToolKit.
Access to the Firestorm’s online portal for up to FOUR pre-recorded Virtual Training Sessions designed to complement the ToolKit.
Learn moreFour hours of consulting, available in one- hour blocks via teleconference, or onsite with a minimum 4 hour commitment. Additional Firestorm consulting and training services are available to purchasers of the ToolKit at preferred rates.
Two Business Continuity Self-Assessments within 12 months of initial contract.
One-year membership in the PREACTION ALLIANCE™ (, including updates.
Optional, ongoing annual maintenance, beginning 6 months after initial contract. The maintenance fee grants the ability to visit the Firestorm portal and download any updates or new documents that have been added to the Toolkit after its initial purchase.

How to Get Started

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