Crisis Supplies Assessment & Management

Take Stock, Reduce Costs

Nexis Preparedness Employee SuppliesFirestorm’s partner Nexis Preparedness Systems (NPS) offers custom-designed Emergency Survival Caches to specifically fit the needs of any size organization. Utilizing proprietary supply management computer applications, NPS calculates the precise needs of an organization, then manages the expiration dates for anything perishable.

The current NPS client roster includes numerous Fortune 500 companies, school systems, police and fire departments, health care organizations, and governments and municipalities. NPS kit types include Employee Survival, Trauma and Search and Rescue Kits, Emergency Food & Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, Lighting & Power, Communications, Shelter & Sleeping, Recovery Team, and Personal Protection Equipment.

FirstAidBizSuppliesA Single Point of Contact

The Nexis Preparedness Systems turnkey approach to preparedness is the reason why business and institutional customers rely on them as their single point resource for becoming, and staying, fully prepared.

Nexis customizes its Survival Kit solution for specific business situations and budgets. NPS focuses on providing a comprehensive emergency supply management solution. NPS doesn’t just sell supplies, but instead provides a one-stop resource for managing the entire emergency preparedness supply process. NPS handles it all; planning, calculation, fulfillment, monitoring, replenishment & employee preparedness and training.

NPS has more than 800 preparedness and emergency products in stock and access to hundreds of thousands of products, available through their broad array of distributors and suppliers. In May of 2011, NPS expanded and moved to a larger facility that encompasses their corporate headquarters, retail showroom, kit assembly operation and distribution center in Livermore, CA.

Crisis and the Right Mix of Supplies

From Brian Klosterman, President and Founder of Nexis Preparedness Systems:

Effective workplace preparedness requires a precise formula and mix of supplies that caters to the type of potential disasters that could occur for each location. The Nexis Preparedness System does just that; it determines exactly what is needed to prepare each location for anything from earthquakes to hurricanes to man-caused disasters.

NPS provides its customers with a true one-stop source for virtually all of their physical preparedness needs. In addition, NPS’ practice of providing alerts prior to expiration for anything perishable facilitates its customers’ supply caches to be ready for deployment at all times, greatly reducing the risk of having expired supplies on hand when a disaster strikes. NPS also provides custom designed kits of any type to satisfy its customers specific needs.

“We are exceptionally pleased to have the opportunity to provide our forward-thinking clients with an expert source for Preparedness Systems,” says Jim Satterfield, COO of Firestorm. “Nexis Preparedness Systems is a natural fit as they have everything needed to prepare any business for an unexpected emergency or disaster. They understand the needs of our clients to assure they have the proper supplies and training on-hand to efficiently and economically protect their business and employees.”