This paper is based upon the Firestorm Virtual Exercise Stress Test for Schools session – Sexting Crises – Crisis and Consequence and answers the most common questions asked regarding sexting including the emotional and legal impacts.

Studies show that young men repeatedly exposed to pornography are more likely to objectify women, and young women who view pornography are more likely to self-objectify and tolerate sexual harassment from men.

Sexting has serious consequences not only for the person taking and sending the photos, but also for the person on the receiving end. Schools must have a plan for when sexting occurs.

In this paper, we look at the emotional and legal consequences of sexting, such as:

– Embarrassment and humiliation
– Bullying
– End of friendships
– Guilt and shame
– Objectification
– Feelings of hopelessness
– Exposure to adult, sexual predators
– Criminal or other charges for child pornography
– Sex offender registry
– Parental exposure to legal consequences
– Children and Family Services involvement


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