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This twenty-two page document covers every aspect you must consider when responding to a medical epidemic or pandemic.

With contributions by an expert panel comprised of Dr. Donald Donahue JR., DHEd, MBA, FACHE, Dr. Steve Cunnion MD, PhD, MPH, Captain in the US Navy Medical Corps (Ret.) and President of International Consultants in Health, Inc., Katrin “Kathy” Schatz, Principal, Jackson Lewis P.C, and employment law expert and led by Firestorm Co-Founders Suzy Loughlin, CAO and President Jim Satterfield, this paper is a natural follow-up to stress tests and tabletop exercises, and contains key analyses and next-step recommendations regarding communicable illness plans and procedures.  Please fill out the brief form below and download COMMUNICABLE ILLNESS – Planning for Communicable, Insect Borne and Epidemic and Pandemic conditions – The Heavyweights Weigh-In