Download Are You Really Prepared to Respond to an Active Shooter?

We are reminded that acts of violence occur everywhere – education institutions, public and private companies, places of worship and everywhere in between. The statistics of violence are a wake-up call to us all.

What can we do? Act. We have the tools and knowledge to stop the violence before it’s too late.

This paper is a follow-up to the webinar session Are You Really Prepared to Respond to an Active Shooter? The paper summarizes key points made by Firestorm Founders Harry Rhulen (CEO), Suzy Loughlin (CAO) and Jim Satterfield (President/COO) during the session. Learn how to prevent violent acts from occurring through predictive intelligence. They welcome guest panelist Paul Marshall (McGowan Programs – Senior Care and Active Shooter Divisions) for additional insights.

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Since 2005, Firestorm has assisted clients by responding to some of the largest and most complex critical incidents. Our highly-trained team is an industry leader in providing custom safety and security solutions. Firestorm empowers its clients to manage security risks through assessments, audits, program development, training and advisory services using our PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® methodology.