When something dramatic occurs, whether a traditional exposure to your organization such as fire or flood, or something else such as a brand and reputation exposure, what your organization does in the first minutes, hours and days will dramatically affect the financial, emotional and reputational outcomes. The greatest service that anyone can provide in the beginning stage of a crisis is to get you to STOP – STOP in a crisis situation is both an acronym and a best practice.

Firestorm President and CEO, Jim Satterfield, sat down with Ken Burris to discuss all things crisis. Ken, a former FEMA executive, is a Managing Partner at Thornhill, LLC. With decades of experience, Ken brings knowledge in the fields of strategic risk and crisis management, business continuity, crisis communication and emergency response. This paper reviews key points discussed throughout the conversation, including the Firestorm methodology of Crisis STOP®. This paper is a natural follow-up to the session. Download this paper to learn why it is so important, in any crisis situation, to STOP and take the time to truly appraise the situation. This paper reviews the Crisis STOP® acronym – Stabilize, Trigger, Opine, Prevent and how this simple acronym can save your organization in times of crisis.