Firestorm Analytical SolutionsSpecific data research tailored to your industry

Quality and depth of data is essential in understanding how best to stay on the leading edge, manage business and become more competitive.

We have thousands of proprietary datasets to generate powerful insights that can be used to establish the foundation for all client initiatives and Firestorm Solutions.

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Benchmarking and Competitive Analysis

Firestorm Analytical Solutions offers customized Benchmarking and competitive analysis data research that allows organizations to properly benchmark on a variety of data points.

Our Reporting Methodology:

  • A personal assessment with a Firestorm representative to evaluate your program and goals behind obtaining customized data research.
  • Review and assess reports to ensure relevant and valuable data to benefit your program needs.
  • Customize and tailor your report to your peer group (your industry, size of company, company revenues and/or program maturity).

BCM ROI Report – For years, business continuity professionals have been searching for data behind the enigmatic Return on Investment (ROI) calculation to substantiate and support decisions regarding their BCM program. Now more than ever, BCM programs are being questioned and assessed with cost to the business and potential value to the organization. This exclusive ROI report assesses data findings collected anonymously from business continuity professionals internationally.

With more than 2,000 respondents we collect some superior information on how to measure the effectiveness of your program, what to include (hard and soft dollar costs), financial loss from actual events, estimated downtime and the most widely sought after – ROI calculations being used by other business continuity professionals. We’ve made this report even more powerful by assessing many of the data findings by program maturity ratings and we can customize your report to your peer group (industry, revenues and/or size of organization).

Diverse Peer Based Benchmarking – Are you interested in benchmarking your program to two peer groups? This report focuses on the most sought after program awareness trends – budgeting, staffing, organizational reporting structure, and program sponsorship. Plus, it gives you the ability to customize your assessment in comparison to two different peer groups. Many of our clients prefer an assessment to all data points within their country and then by industry.

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