Workplace Violence in Healthcare

People do not just snap. There are warning signs, red flags, cues, signals – but often they are not considered to be of a serious nature, so they are not reported. Whether violence or cyberbullying, warning signs and indicators exist. Missing recognition of behaviors of concern or failing to listen to what is being said empowers escalation to violence. Preventing a gun from entering the workplace and thwarting an act of violence before one occurs is a critical intelligence planning responsibility for every company. The earlier a problem is detected, the less impact it will have.

In today’s world, hospitals are fortunate to have specific methodologies, best practices and technology as a tool that they can incorporate to assist in the process of mitigating or eliminating violent threats. These approaches and best practices, when utilized with appropriate planning, training and exercises, can significantly improve the safety and security of an entire facility.

Monitoring, Assessing and Reacting To Behaviors Of Concern- Key Components

  • Awareness comes from training employees and staff to identify “behaviors of concern” and to be aware of policies that state what behaviors are not tolerated.
  • Insight into the pulse of the facility by creating an Intelligence Network will identify trends and issues.  By creating a culture of “see something, say something,” vital information can be obtained.
  • Analysis of information and incidents in their entirety can create a total picture; where looking at incidents singularly may overlook the bigger issues.
  • Consistency of methodologies and threat assessments ensure that all incidents are thoroughly investigated, issues addressed and monitored by appropriately trained teams.
  • Improvement comes with monitoring trends and cases and implementing changes.


To learn more about the Workplace Violence in the Healthcare Industry, download the fact sheet.

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