PS Prep (Public Law 110-53, Title IX) – Whitepaper

DownloadWPThe Department of Homeland Security is implementing a certification program for the private sector that promotes preparedness, including disaster management, emergency management and business continuity programs. This program, labeled PS-Prep, is defined in Public Law 110-53, Section 524. Failure to comply with these regulations may have serious consequences for you and your company.

PS-Prep is the next step in a complex pattern of regulations that can be compared to Sarbanes-Oxley in financial reporting. Those businesses not reaching compliance with PS-Prep face possible loss of contracts with the government or government suppliers; loss of business insurance or cost increase; loss or reduction of credit lines, and potential personal liability of senior leadership.

Proper disaster planning requires that companies PREDICT the vulnerability, PLAN the response, and PERFORM when the event occurs.


  • Assess your current readiness level;
  • Identify and classify the critical risks;
  • Ascertain critical decisions, analyze gaps;
  • Identify infrastructure needs; and
  • Define reporting and investigating requirements.

The PLAN Phase

  • Develop the strategy;
  • Construct the plan, including policies & procedures;
  • Identify key personnel; and
  • Develop training and awareness programs.


  • Establish protocols for implementation
  • First responder/community involvement;
  • Communications;
  • Test exercises;
  • Audits/reviews, updates, and compliance

This white paper further defines the background, overview, certification and accrediting body and the impact that this regulation may have on your firm.

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