Critical Decision Support: The World of Endless Turmoil, the World of Business, and the Discipline of Intelligence


DownloadWPThe purpose of this White Paper is to offer suggestions to you about decision making and put in context for the reader the vulnerabilities, threats, and risks that exist in the world today. More importantly, it will describe for you how to accurately Predict those risks, with the aid of intelligence, Plan against those risks, Perform, and thereby mitigate them as necessary. This Predict.Plan.Perform.® process will reduce feelings of tension and give you confidence to make vital decisions for your organization.


What is this world about with its constant rumblings and roaring—with natural disasters and human mistakes where anger, hatred, rage and greed abound? Is it the greed of the rich and powerful that incites the anger, hatred and rage of the have not’s?

As a simple example, does the petroleum industry with its continual price increases at the pump cause unhappiness for the consumer? Of course it does; and has Uncle Sam, as well as the oil producers, taken note of that phenomenon? If not, they should because it is not a good thing to allow the masses to become disturbed. There are breaking points.

Witness Egypt and the events escalating there—rioting, mayhem and unrest. And why?—Some report it is due to unemployment, grinding poverty, a brutal police force, religious unrest, and thousands of people held in prison, some without charges against them. The masses are screaming and hollering about President Mubarak insisting that he must step down. He continued to resist for weeks but finally stepped down on the 11thof February 2011, after more than 300 people were killed and thousands of foreigners had fled the country.

There has been a wrenching, painful, violent outcome in Egypt and it could activate discontent and violence in other Middle Eastern regimes and countries. The entire area could become de-stabilized and the world of business will suffer.

Was your corporation doing business on the ground in Egypt?

Be cautious about the trends and the style of leadership at the corporate or national level especially if you are going to do business abroad.

These trends are the things you must be aware of and be prepared to take action on. Be cognizant of world events, know the market place, and know where manufacturing can be accomplished with reduced risk. What are your alternatives? Do you know? Are you ready?

In addition to world events, be aware of natural events—don’t build your facilities on top of a fault line, or on low ground that is subject to flooding, stay out of tornado alley and major hurricane areas. In reality, there should be few surprises. Have you identified all the threats, hazards, and risks? Do you have a monitoring plan?

Look at the supply chain that supports your organization. Does it consist of stable, resilient, well run organizations? Are they capable of supporting you in the future or are you relying on an organization that is producing widgets in Egypt—the very widget that is vital to your operation? Are you sure? How do you know? Lack of understanding of the supply chain and its reliability is one of the major faults of corporate America.


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