What is a Personal Preaction Plan?

When you “react” you behave thoughtlessly, irrationally, and often make things worse. When you “preact” you take time to think clearly and process possibilities, options and contingencies. Preaction allows for the development of a plan that enables you to perform well in an emergency.

Regardless of what is or is not stated here, you are in control of your own disaster preparedness. No one is more interested in protecting you and your family than you, and only you and your family truly understand your particular circumstances. Therefore, to benefit from the information presented here, you will need to evaluate our guidance based on your personal situation. By incorporating the best tactics and strategies and then tailoring them to your needs, a customized plan will emerge to give you the upper hand in most crisis situations. This is what we refer to as your Personal Preaction™ Plan.

Despite our best intentions we may have overlooked some things. So, don’t hesitate to add subject matter that applies to you and your family. If it favorably impacts your preparation, use it. Alternately, disregard material that does not fit your situation. If you work through this information and complete the steps as outlined, you should have your Personal Preaction™ Plan in a reasonable period of time. We can’t stress enough, though, how important it is to pace yourself by taking one section at a time. If you become overly ambitious, you risk becoming overwhelmed, throwing your hands up and never returning to it! Our purpose is to encourage and accommodate your effort, so remember: a measured and methodical approach will engender confidence in your ability to face most disasters with calm assurance.

Please Note: Use the Action Plans at the end of each section to check-off completed activity and/or forms related to that section. The forms themselves have been made interactive so you can easily complete them on your computer. Print out each completed form and add it to a 3-ring binder that you have identified as your Personal Preactionl™ Plan Notebook. Save all downloaded and completed forms to a file on your computer to make it easier to update them if/when changes become necessary. Just print a copy of any revised form and replace the outdated material in your Notebook. (Don’t forget to destroy the discarded information as it will likely contain very sensitive personal information!)

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