Virginia Tech Officer Dashcam will Not Be Released

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Virginia Tech Officer Dashcam will Not Be Released

In a joint news conference of Virginia Tech police and university officials today, Corinne Geller of the Virginia State Police explained that the dashcam video of slain Officer Crouse’s patrol car will never be released as it is a part of a criminal investigation file.

It was confirmed that Officer Crouse was in his vehicle at the time of the slaying, as Officer Crouse drove to the suspect after identifying that subject was acting in a manner that warranted further investigation.

Larry Hincker Associate VP for University Relations and Wendell Flinchum Virginia Tech Police Chief also spoke at length at the news conference.

Mr. Hincker stated:

“It’s obvious the reason why you all  are here is because this is a  wanton random act of violence on the campus with the name Virginia Tech. I don’t believe you’d be here if that was otherwise the case and we’re all here because of an angry young man who had easy access to violent killing weapons four years ago. I don’t believe that I feel any less safe here than I would at any other campus in the country. You’re here because we’ve experienced this tragedy before. There’s no way though, that anyone ever becomes inert  to the pain that you feel when your campus is visited by violence.  I am proud that our university police department, the associated police departments, our technologies and our protocols worked.”

He went on to say: “There really wasn’t anything like this in the nation four years ago…We hope that we’ve shown them (campuses) that there is a way to respond when your campus is a target of violence.”

Authorities have not yet identified a motive for the ambush. Very few details about the gunman have been released.

“We know who this person is,” Geller said, but won’t release his identity until next of kin are notified.

“At this time we have made no connection that the shooter and Officer Crouse knew each other at the time of the shooting,” Geller said.

She also said, “We are very confident that he was the only individual involved in this.”

Crouse, who was ambushed as he sat in his police car, was not able to return fire, Geller said.

Crouse was a four-year veteran of the force and father of five. Crouse joined the school’s police force in 2007 and was trained as a crisis intervention officer and firearms instructor. He was a member of the Virginia Tech Police Emergency Response Team, according to officials.

Crouse was also a U.S. Army veteran and worked at the New River Valley Jail and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, officials said.

“My heart goes out to his family who will surely feel most keenly, in the days and months and years ahead, the profound loss that today’s events have brought to pass,” said Virginia Tech University President Charles W. Steger in a statement posted on the school’s website Thursday. “We extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to his family and to his colleagues in the police department.”

Mr. Hincker echoed Firestorm’s point of view that no matter the type of company or institution you may be a part of, crisis will befall you.

We applaud Virginia Tech’s efforts to become a more prepared environment, and along with the students, faculty, parents and friends of the University, mourn the tragic loss of life.

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