11th Edition Firestorm Analytical Solutions Business Continuity Management Trending Report is now available for purchase.


Study History

Since 2001, BC Management, Inc., now Firestorm, has been gathering data on business continuity management programs and compensations to provide professionals with the information they need to elevate their programs. Each year our organization strives to improve upon the study questions, distribution of the report and the reporting of the data collected.

Study Methodology

The online study was developed by the Firestorm Program Analytics team in conjunction with our International Benchmarking Advisory Board. Participants were notified of the study primarily through e-newsletters and notifications from Firestorm and from many other industry organizations. The data throughout this final, corresponding report was collected between June 2018 through September 2018. We collected responses from participants in 14 countries.

Study Purpose11th Edition BC Program Trending Report Information Overview

The purpose of the 11th Edition BCM Trending Index was to assess Business Continuity Planning initiatives, which included budgets, dedicated personnel, program assessments, reporting structures, exercises, plan development, program management, integration with organizational operations and much more.

Study Trends

The findings from the Firestorm Analytical Solutions 11th Edition BCM Trending Index highlighted several noteworthy advancements in Business Continuity Planning initiatives. The data findings indicated the following in comparison to 2017:

  • Those who indicated that they’ve implemented a full functioning, corporate-wide BCM program increased from 50.2% to 54.5%.
  • Organizations who indicated a full functioning Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in place increased from 38.4% to 42.4%.
  • Policies in place to interact and coordinate with external agencies in times of disaster also increased from 50.7% to 55.6%.
  • Additionally, crisis management was an area of focus over the last year with an increasing number of respondents (68.6% to 74.7%) indicating a crisis management process in place and a crisis communication program in place (increasing from 61.6% to 67.7%).
  • Lastly, a topic that is often overlooked is a full functioning executive leadership succession plan. More respondents indicated implementing such a plan in 2018 increasing to 34.3% from 29.7%.

This report is a broad analysis of a segment of the data offering an illustration of how the business continuity profession is viewed and what we can learn from these study results as a baseline of the trends in our industry.  The report can be leveraged to provide you with facts to present to your executive management to help justify continued emphasis in key areas of your business continuity program. 

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