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Firestorm Crisis WhitepapersFirestorm Whitepapers are no-fee resources provided as a service to help you in all aspects of Crisis Management, Business Continuity, and Preparedness.
Firestorm provides information regarding emerging events or subjects that can assist clients in critical decisions that have a measurable impact on their bottom line. Firestorm White Papers identify issues, significance and impacts, and decisions needed. Firestorm White Papers inform with expert opinions or relevant research.

While Firestorm White Papers are not rules or requirements by themselves, they often define standards or expectations which are part of best practices. For example, a regulation might require adequate testing or monitoring of relevant activities, and a Firestorm White Paper would be used to explain what testing is adequate and which topics are relevant.

Firestorm White Papers are also used to explain policies or practices to simplify an organization’s planning and response to certain threats. For example, a Firestorm White Papers could explain how to prepare a plan or what information should be gathered.

White papers are used to educate and provide guidance for critical decisions:

  • Business Cases or Issues
  • Technical Solutions
  • Hybrid – Combines business issues with technical solutions
  • Policy Framework – Solution to a societal or economic challenges

Clients can request white papers on particular topics. Not all white papers all listed on this site. For additional information on these or other topics, please contact Firestorm.