The State of School Safety in the U.S.

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The State of School Safety in the U.S., NBC4 Interview with Rocky DelMonaco

Firestorm Expert Council Member Rocky DelMonaco, a former Secret Service agent who also worked as the vice president for university safety at Georgetown University, discusses the state of school safety in this nation following the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

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Rocco (Rocky) DelMonaco, Jr. served as Vice President for Georgetown University’s Office of University Safety from 2007 through 2012. As Vice President for University Safety, DelMonaco was responsible for the strategy, planning and execution of all safety and security functions and programs at the main campus, medical and law centers, and overseas locations.  Simultaneously, Rocco DelMonaco served as the Chief of Police for the Georgetown University Department of Public Safety.

Firestorm® is the Nation’s Leading Expert in School Safety and Preparedness

Firestorm is currently engaged to help keep hundreds of schools and tens of thousands of students safer. Firestorm® principals and Expert Council members have the strongest credentials in the school safety industry. We have responded to some of the nation’s greatest school tragedies—including Virginia Tech, Columbine, and Platte Canyon. Firestorm’s crisis response experience extends beyond school shootings and includes incidents of: sex abuse, suicide, bullying, hazing, employee/student/domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, drowning, child pornography allegations.

The main take away from all of these tragic events is that there is no single solution to prevention or mitigation. Only through the implementation of a preparedness program, that incorporates assessment, planning, training, and testing, along with the use of equipment, technology and most importantly, human resources, is there the greatest potential to make a difference in the outcome.

If you are seeking information on keeping your student, faculty, campus and community safe, contact us at:  770-643-1114


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