Disaster Ready People 12 Month Guide – Take Inventory

Determine what you have on hand now in the way of emergency supplies. Don’t worry that the minute you prepare your next meal the tally will change. The point here is to record what you have and what you still need.

Flashlights, battery-operated radio, fresh batteries, candles and matches or a lighter.

Note what you have and where you keep them.

Shelf-stable food.

Canned, dry foods and other non-perishables last the longest. MRE’s (Military Meals Ready-to-Eat) are now available online, and last for years. Food in your freezer will last up to 72 hours after the power goes off, if you minimize the number of times the freezer door is opened.


Barbecue grill, camp stove, butane tank or other potable fuels. Think about what you would need to make a warm meal.

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