The Violence Prevention Formula – Part 2: Anonymous Reporting

Social media applications on a smartphone

We previously discussed how to identify behaviors of concern that may lead to violence or self harm, but…

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Fire and Other Mundane Crises – A Lesson Against Complacency

Firestorm encourages thought leadership across a variety of industries. We are pleased to share insights from guest…

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Firestorm Presents: ‘Something’ is not enough – Prevent Violence from Entering Your Doors (For Business)

Reserve your seat button

We all want to stop workplace violence – but how? The key to change is implementing a…

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What ‘The Office’ Taught Us About Workplace Safety – Domestic Violence (pt. 1)

First airing in 2005, ‘The Office’ is an NBC television series that depicts the everyday lives of…

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The Blind Spot in Workplace Violence Prevention Programs: Part One

We are pleased to share a 3-part series by Steven Crimando MA, CTS, CHS-V. He is an…

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Buyers Guide to the Emerging – Active Shooter / Workplace Violence Insurance Protection

Firestorm Chief Intelligence Officer Karen Masullo recently had the opportunity to interview Paul Marshall, Managing Director of…

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Distracted Worker Problem Highlights Human Performance Disaster

I have previously called attention to human performance implications of distracted individuals. Such distractions can negatively impact…

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Challenges of the Killer Smombies

I have previously written about the dangerous challenges that arise at the intersection of technology and human…

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Employee Amputations Spotlight The Need for Greater Focus On Workplace Safety

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I have previously written about the issue of workplace accidents, injuries and fatalities calling for greater remedial…

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