2018 Daylight Saving Time: The Pros, The Cons and the Human Implications

It is once again that time of year for all us to remember to adjust our clocks…

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Crisis Stress: Part 4 – Concentration, Memory, and Focus

In the first three parts of this short four-part essay series, I briefly summarized some of the…

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Crisis Stress: Part 3 – Psychological and Cognitive Effects

Emergency Room sign

In the first two parts of this essay series (Crisis Stress: Part 1 – How and Why…

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Crisis Stress: Part 2 – Acute Stress Response (ASR)

vital monitors

Read part one of this series: Crisis Stress: Part 1 – How and Why a Crisis Affects…

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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

A news report from Florida claims that “after disappearing for 60 years, the tropical bed bug has…

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The Future of Logistical Resupply for Disaster Management, Response and Recovery

One of the basic preparedness rules for successful disaster response and recovery is the principle that one…

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Newly Identified Strain of E. Coli Bacteria Resistant to the “Antibiotic of Last Resort”

Image of Escherichia coli

Antibiotics and similar drugs, together called antimicrobial agents, have been used for the last 70 years to…

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New Research Suggests Physical Brain Injury as A Cause of Psychological Trauma and PTSD

In military, law enforcement, industrial and disaster management contexts, traumatic stress symptoms and post-traumatic stress disorders have…

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Can an Earthquake Probability Tool Predict the Next Financial Market Shift?

One of the bragging points for NASA has been the benefits of spin-off commercial projects that stem…

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