The Flu Causes 17 Million Employee Absences – Combating the Quiet Crisis

Doctor taking blood pressure

Fever, sore throat, headache, aches and chills – these are a few symptoms of seasonal Influenza, otherwise…

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Wicked Flu Season: Are Boomers More Susceptible to H3N2?

Cold or Flu chart

This year’s flu has been reported as being particularly difficult but has not reached “pandemic” level, however,…

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Breaking the Myth – Flu Vaccines and the Flu

Dr. Don Donahue comments on a recent study citing that more than 40 percent of a sample…

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Flu season and Superstorm Sandy – Causal Relationship?

Causal Relationship between Flu season and Superstorm Sandy Unlikely Analysis by Donald. A. Donahue, Jr., DHEd, MBA,…

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