There’s a time and a place for checklists – Insights by Guy Higgins

I recently read a white paper by the Cato Institute, Do Checklists Make a Difference? A Natural…

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Small Failures Result in Big Crises – Insights by Guy Higgins

Airplane flying above city

I recently read a post by Dr. Bob Chandler about an airline crash that killed 71 people…

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STOP! Prevent Common Crisis Errors from Occurring

Firestorm Crisis and Risk Solutions

A crisis can occur at any moment, whether your organization is ready or not. Crises range from…

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INFOGRAPHIC: Can Your Organization Connect the Dots Before it’s too Late?

Predictive intelligence secondary image

Predictive Open-Source Intelligence How many times – after a deadly weapon violence event – have we read…

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Novume President and Firestorm Founder Discusses Predictive Technology Tools

Harry Rhulen Firestorm CEO

Harry Rhulen, Novume President and Founder of Firestorm, was recently interviewed by Matthew Lerner of Business Insurance….

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Asking Questions for Learning Lessons from the Las Vegas Mass Murder Shooting

Did Poor Communication Planning, Lack of Communication Procedures and Limited Communication Tools Technology Hamper Effective Response in…

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Infographic: How to Spot the Warnings – Connecting the Dots

In a 2016 Firestorm survey, 92 percent of respondents indicated they were somewhat or very concerned about…

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So Much Disruption…So Little Time

Republished via CIC Services LLC The writing is on the wall.  The world is changing fast, and…

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A Booming Market for Fitness Trainers

I completed a full workout this morning, and I feel like a spent round. I’m tired, and…

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