How to Anonymously Report Suspicious Behavior – Video with Jim Satterfield

stressed man

We previously discussed how to identify behaviors of concern, but what action should someone take if they…

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VAIS and Firestorm Present: Prevention Before Escalation (Part 1 of 2) – Identifying Behaviors of Concern Before Violence

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If you had the opportunity to stop even one incident of self-harm or harm to others, would…

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INFOGRAPHIC: Can Your Organization Connect the Dots Before it’s too Late?

Predictive intelligence secondary image

Predictive Open-Source Intelligence How many times – after a deadly weapon violence event – have we read…

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Transitioning Employees: Managing Crisis and Risk through the Termination Process

Smart business owners and managers now realize that it is not a matter of if the company…

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HR -The Voice of Awareness: A Video Interview with Jim Satterfield

Firestorm President/CEO and Co-Founder, Jim Satterfield, was interviewed by the University of Alabama’s College of Continuing Studies….

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Infographic: How to Spot the Warnings – Connecting the Dots

In a 2016 Firestorm survey, 92 percent of respondents indicated they were somewhat or very concerned about…

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