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Is Your School Prepared?

Every member of the school community wants to know that students, faculty and staff will be safe at your school. While most schools have thought about natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, and human-induced threats, such as school violence and sexual abuse, new threats appear each year. With the rise in social media threats, like cyber bullying and sexting, as well as new forms of communicable illness, it is necessary that schools be continually updating their plans.

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Firestorm is partnering with a number of school associations and school support organizations such as RenWeb, to deliver a series of School Preparedness Webinar sessions designed to create a culture of preparedness for school employees, students, parents, and community.

SchoolAssessmentSchool Violence: Do you know your school’s operational and security risks? Do you have a threat assessment process that meets best practices?

Due to our strong partnership with Renweb, Renweb is underwriting the $2500 fee to conduct a one-hour risk assessment for participating schools. RenWeb incorporates over 200 core features, integrated into a single database to provide instantaneous data sharing school-wide via the web, automating school administration, classroom management, and communication with the home.

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Firestorm is currently engaged to help keep hundreds of schools and tens of thousands of students safer. Firestorm principals and Expert Council members have the strongest credentials in the school safety industry. They have responded to some of the nation’s greatest school tragedies—including Virginia Tech, Littleton, Columbine, and Platte Canyon. Firestorm crisis response experience extends beyond school shootings and includes incidents of: sexual abuse, suicide, bullying, hazing, employee/student/domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, drowning and child pornography allegations. call to action

The main take away from all of these tragic events is that there is no single solution to prevention or mitigation. Only through the implementation of a preparedness program, that incorporates assessment, planning, training, and testing, along with the use of equipment, technology and most importantly, human resources, is there the greatest potential to make a difference in the outcome.

Firestorm is a national leader in crisis management consulting and crisis management response.  Firestorm was on scene at Virginia Tech, and is currently engaged to help keep hundreds of schools and tens of thousands of students safer.
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