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Is your camp prepared?

Custom Camp Crisis ResponseEvery member of your camp community wants to know that campers and staff will be safe at camp. While the media tends to focus on shootings, there are many other threats to be aware of and to plan for, which are far more likely to occur. Many camps have thought about natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, and human-induced threats, such as sexual abuse, fire, and transportation accidents, yet new threats appear each year. With the rise in social media threats, like cyber bullying and sexting, as well as new forms of communicable illness, it is necessary for camps to continually update their plans. Does your camp have plans to deal with these and other emerging risks? The safety of everyone in your camp community depends on it. A coordinated and timely response to any crisis or emergency will also minimize damage to reputation, brand, trust, strategic goals, and the ability to operate. A comprehensive preparedness program at your camp will help ensure the best possible outcome in any situation.

Why should a school have a communicable illness plan?

Crisis Management for Camps