Thank you for joining the BeRThA® initiative. Being able to identify and respond to behaviors of concern before they escalate into violent acts demonstrates your ongoing commitment to the safety and well-being of your school community.

Getting Started –

  1. View the BeRThA® Onboarding video
  2. After viewing the video, download your Program document and customize it based on your organizational structure.
  3. Email the BeRThA® program document to each school principal or designee. We provide a sample email to assist in explaining the program and next steps to them.

We are excited to share the BeRThA Program with you. Let’s get started!

STEP 1: View this BeRThA Onboarding Video.

This session will provide an overview of the BeRThA program. The session includes a detailed walk-through of the BeRThA program document.

STEP 2: Download and Customize your BeRThA Program Document

As discussed in your BeRThA Onboarding Session, you’ll want to customize the document for your specific organizational structure.

  • Address all yellow highlights in the document and then remove the highlights.
  • Edit other areas of the document so that it best aligns with your organizational structure.

Caution: Completing the BeRThA program document should only be done once you’ve viewed the Bertha Onboarding video.

Download your Program Document

STEP 3: Use the sample email attached here to create and distribute the BERTHA® rollout steps for each school.

Bertha Sample Email Content to Distribute to Principals or Designees

Get to know the Firestorm BeRThA Team.

The Firestorm BeRThA Team is available to provide consultation and assistance. Contact the BeRThA Team ([email protected]) for assistance with completion of your BeRThA program document, questions regarding selecting BMT members, training, or the BeRThA process in general. The BeRThA Team can also provide assistance with the selection of an anonymous reporting tool, as well as open source intelligence (e.g. social media monitoring) capabilities.