Thank you for joining the BeRThA® initiative. Being able to identify and respond to behaviors of concern before they escalate into violent acts demonstrates your ongoing commitment to the safety and well-being of your school community.

FAST START! You may complete this process in less than one-hour. You’ll want to gather some information on your Behavioral Management Team Members ahead of time, then, view a simple Quick Start Video, customize your program document and submit your team.

Things to have ready: Your BeRThA License#, individual team member’s names and emails.

  1. Next, proceed to the Onboarding video.

  2. After the video is complete, download your Program Document and Customize it, and select your Behavioral Management Team (BMT).

  3. Submit your Behavioral Management Team members via our simple submission form.

  4. Receive your login details for your computer-based learning course from The University of Alabama – (Bama at Work) – here’s a sneak peek!

We are excited to share the BeRThA Program with you. Let’s get started!

STEP 1: View this BeRThA Onboarding Video.

This session will provide an overview of the BeRThA Program that will be implemented. The session includes a detailed walkthrough of the BeRThA Program document.

STEP 2: Customize your BeRThA Program Document and Select your Team

As discussed in your BeRThA Onboarding Session, you’ll want to customize the document for your specific needs:

Caution: Completing the BeRThA Program document should only be done once you’ve viewed the Bertha Onboarding video

Download your Program Document

  • Select members of your Behavioral Management Team (BMT).
  • Address all yellow highlights in the document and then remove the highlights.
  • Edit other areas of the document so that it best aligns with your organizational structure.

How do I select my Team?

Each BMT is comprised of a standing, multi-disciplinary group of members who represent different perspectives (e.g. counselor, security, administration, facilities) and other professionals that are familiar with their student body population (e.g., teachers, department heads, coaches). A BMT will be brought together, as events warrant, to consult and to strategize on investigative and response actions related to specific tips/reported behaviors of concern and threats/incidents. They will also have regularly scheduled meetings to review ongoing cases, as well as review new tips/reports.

The BMT includes a minimum of three (3) core representatives for each Behavioral Risk Screening.

Members may include the following:

– Administrator on Duty (AP or Principal);
– Mental health professional* (School Guidance Counselor or School Psychologist or School Social Worker);
– School Security; and
– Faculty member – respected within the school community.

*Represents mandatory member representation for each Behavioral Risk Screening.

In addition, depending on the circumstances, the BMT may involve:

– Teacher/Coach (familiar with the Subject);
– Others who know the Subject;
– Parent/Guardian or family member of the Subject; and/or
– Faith-based community member.

STEP 3: Submit your BMT Members Below
Please list all BMT members in the last field in the form. Please include full name and email address for each member and their backup. NOTE: At least 3 BMT members are required for each Behavioral Risk Screening.

  • Please enter your School or District license number if known

  • First Name Last Name Email  
    Please add the First Name, Last Name and email of Team Behavioral Management Team members. Minimum Three entries.

STEP 4: Begin your Behavioral Management Team Training.

Once your BeRThA Program document has been customized for your school and your school-level BMT has been selected and submitted to Firestorm, your school-level BMT will be ready to begin its online training.

How do I Access my online BMT training?

Each BMT member will receive an email from the University of Alabama (Bama at Work) with a username and password to access the BMT online training portal.

You can elect to have all team members attend the virtual training sessions together in one location, or they can attend the training sessions on their own if you submitted them via our webform.

Should you have questions or need assistance, please send an email to [email protected]

Get to know the Firestorm BeRThA Team.

The Firestorm BeRThA Team is available to provide consultation and assistance. Contact the BeRThA Team ([email protected]) for assistance with completion of your BeRThA Program document, questions regarding selecting BMT members, training, or the BeRThA process in general. The BeRThA Team can also provide assistance with the selection of an anonymous reporting tool, as well as open source intelligence (e.g. social media monitoring) capabilities.