School Crisis Management Consultants


K-12 School Administration face numerous threats and potential crisis, including those related to:

• Threats of violence
• Terrorist threats
• Disease outbreak
• Inappropriate teacher-student conduct
• Bullying, including cyber bullying
• Cyber risk associated with hacking and security risk
• Serious misconduct and felony charges by teachers or school administrators, particularly conduct that might involve child porn, fraud, and other felonies
• Sexting and cyber threats of harm
• Disasters, including tornados, fires, explosions, and toxic environmental exposures
• Lawsuits against administrators and school districts concerning a myriad of issues, from those that may concern issues like proper school funding to those stemming from physical injury

We help school administration anticipate these and other events, minimize exposure where possible, develop crisis plans, test crisis plans, and assist administration in crisis.

School Crisis Prevention and Planning

Most events relating to crisis can be anticipated. Today, in addition to natural disasters, school officials need to address events that were not foreseeable in past decades, such as international terrorist threats and violence.

Our School Crisis Prevention and Planning is devoted to helping educate administrators concerning all aspects of crisis, working with administration to identify risks and anticipate types of crisis, taking steps to minimize risk where possible, and developing school crisis plans to be implemented in emergency situations. As part of our school crisis prevention and planning, we also work with administrators to test emergency plans and refine plans as needed over time.

School Crisis Management

When crisis occurs, not only is immediate response required, but the right response is necessary to ensure proper and consistent message delivery, and to convey a sense of control.

We help school administrators better perform their job by:

  • Providing our experience to provide for decision-making
  • Helping implement plans that have been developed
  • Helping facilitate crisis communication and media management, particularly in terms of social media communication and management.

Our Expertise

We have worked with school districts involving hundreds of school by providing crisis education and management. Our ongoing educational programs, webinars, and blog postings are seen by thousands of educators each year.

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