Firestorm Workplace Violence ToolKit: Fast Start to a Workplace Violence Prevention Program™

Preventing violence calls for more than a routine or standard approach.

Proper planning requires that organizations PREDICT the vulnerability, PLAN the response, and PERFORM when the event occurs. Firestorm brings expertise in the development and implementation of Workplace Violence Prevention Programs, incorporating prevention, identification and response to emerging situations. Firestorm’s Workplace Violence ToolKit offers a systematic approach to engage senior leadership, identify and analyze hazards, design strict policies, procedures, and communications, and manage both predictable and unforeseen threats of workplace violence. It also provides supporting documents for testing, training and awareness.

The general principles laid out in Firestorm’s Workplace Violence ToolKit are intended to help companies take the necessary steps to minimize and prevent workplace violence, recognize acts of workplace violence, and respond appropriately, if an act of violence occurs. The ToolKit is designed to step organizations of all sizes through a logical planning process. Using Firestorm’s PREDICT. PLAN. PERFORM® process emphasized throughout the ToolKit, your company will have the opportunity to develop a culture of preparedness within its own organization.

The sections of the ToolKit make up a comprehensive, actionable Workplace Violence Prevention Program that your company can adapt to its size and type. Incorporating this information into your organization’s business continuity program, creating a separate Workplace Violence Prevention Program, or including the Workplace Violence Prevention Program in an employee handbook are some options available for consideration.

What’s in the ToolKit?

Planning tools are produced in a high quality DVD format and include a hard-copy binder. Section content is presented in an actionable layout, ready for immediate implementation. Customization of these tools, via the software provided, to synchronize with existing plans and procedures, is suggested to improve overall effectiveness of your company’s current Workplace Violence Prevention Program.

Toolkit Sections Include:

1) Introduction

2) Instructional Guide

3) Board Resolution

4) Program Framework

5) Workplace Violence Policy

6) Workplace Violence Plan

7) Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

8) Prevention-Mitigation-Control

9) Incident Reporting, Investigation, & Corrective Actions

10) Training & Awareness

11) Incidence Response

12) Legal Issues

13) Employee Handbook

14) Domestic Violence in the Workplace

15) Additional Policies

16) Checklists & Form

17) Glossary of Terms

18) Appendices –

– DHS Active Shooter Booklet
– Domestic Violence Workplace Survey Results

Client Support

Firestorm’s Workplace Violence Toolkit package includes an enterprise license for your company’s corporate headquarters. The license includes:

  • One Workplace Violence ToolKit binder with 18 individual sections that include relevant materials for the implementation of a comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Program.
  • Editable source files (Microsoft Office 2010 format) for sections 1-18 of the ToolKit.
  • Access to up to two (2) pre-recorded webinars on topics related to the design or implementation of a Workplace Violence Prevention Program.
  • More on Workplace Violence ToolkitOne (1) two-hour teleconference with a Firestorm principal to discuss relevant workplace violence initiatives. Additional Firestorm consulting and training services are available to purchasers of the ToolKit at preferred rates.
  • Two Workplace Violence Self-Assessments within 12 months of initial contract.
  • Optional, ongoing annual maintenance, beginning 6 months after initial contract. The maintenance fee grants the ability to visit the Firestorm portal and download any updates or new documents that have been added to the Toolkit after its initial purchase.

How to Get Started

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