Firestorm Toolkits

What Can Go Wrong?

Everything. Most plans are designed to address IT outages and recovery of critical systems. Do you have plans in place to ensure continued operations of all critical functions of your business, in the event of a disaster?

What Can You Do?

Follow the Firestorm PREDICT. PLAN. PERFORM.® process utilizing any one of our easy to customize Tool-Kits.

About Firestorm Toolkits

While Firestorm typically works with clients in a consultative engagement, not everyone will procure consulting assistance in their Preparedness Initiatives. With the “Do It Yourself” concept in mind, Firestorm has taken the key concepts of the Firestorm methodology, as well as internal tools used by our staff, and created resources that can be licensed for use by you and your team.

Firestorm Tool-Kits are designed for both the planning professional and others who need basic guidance in the implementation of Toolkit call to actionvarious preparedness initiatives. Firestorm Tool-Kits bring value to businesses of all sizes, no matter how small or large.

Firestorm Tool-Kits are invaluable to every organization, including those that:

1.  Have a comprehensive plan in place and want to validate that plan against best practices
2.  Want to do comprehensive planning, training and testing with internal resources
3.  Are regulated and require a plan for compliance
4. Need to meet a board mandate
5.  Are interested in just specific components of a plan

Firestorm Toolkits Will Provide the Assistance Necessary to Meet Your Objective

By following the steps outlined in each Tool-Kit, and using the included forms and supporting documents, you will be on a fast start path to developing a customized plan to meet your preparedness needs, whether that is for Business Continuity, Communicable Illness or a Workplace Violence Program.

For more information click on one of the Toolkits below: