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Crisis Plan Software Platform

Do you have access to your plans anytime, anywhere?

Are your plans customized to fit the needs of your company? 

Are they accurate and up-to-date?

Having the answers to these questions is critical if your business is to survive a disruption or crisis. Firestorm®, the nation’s premier leader in crisis management and business continuity, has developed a software platform that answers these needs.


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Firestorm can provide you with specialized, actionableRequestDemo plans or toolkits in Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Communicable Illness, and Workplace Violence. The PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® Platform houses these plans and provides powerful plan management software. Accessible, robust, secure, user-friendly, and affordable, the Platform helps you keep your plans up-to-date and in compliance with  best practices and industry standards.


The PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM. Platform affords 24/7 secure access from any standard internet browser. Hosted in the cloud, you can log on to the Platform from your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Plus, the Platform allows you to export plans in PDF format, allowing for offline viewing and hard copy backups.

Robust, Secure, Reliable

The Platform provides secure and reliable access to your sensitive data. Security measures include encrypted login credentials, authentication, validation, and redundant storage across multiple data centers. The Platform is built on the proven infrastructure of Metric One, an industry leader, which has provided consistent, reliable service to global financial institutions since 1986.

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The PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM. Platform empowers you to design, build, and manage your plans. Other systems may require you to use their methodology, but Firestorm plans are adaptable to meet your specific industry requirements. In addition to specialized plans, Firestorm offers toolkit templates for self-customization.

The following options are also available: existing plan migration, active directory lookup, connectivity to external databases, enterprise configuration, in-house hosting, and data encryption at rest.


The PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM. Platform makes editing, updating, and exporting your plans simple and effective using an intuitive and instantly familiar interface. As easy to use as Microsoft Office®, the Platform is much more powerful, with dynamic database functionality.

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Accurate plans save you time and money. The relational database of the PREDICT. PLAN. PERFORM. Platform allows multiple plans to be updated with a single change to one plan, avoiding clerical errors. Plus, it can send alerts to update contact information, review plans, conduct training and exercises, and more.


The Firestorm PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM. Platform is available at competitive pricing for your company. The Platform is able to suit the needs of complex, multi-location companies as well as smaller, single-location businesses.


Your Digital CRISIS COACH®

Once plans are in place, the Platform becomes your digital CRISIS COACH®, guiding your actions toward an improved, more resilient future. Contact Firestorm today and mention the code PLATFORM to receive a no-fee Business Continuity Self-Assessment, expert analysis, findings report (a $2,500 value), and Platform demonstration.