Maturity Plan / Performance Analysis

Plan Audit/Review (Benchmark/Gap Analysis)

Firestorm conducts a benchmark/gap analysis of an organization’s existing plans/processes/procedures related to business continuity and emergency response. The analysis identifies where content must be developed to create comprehensive business continuity and emergency response plans for the company. The Firestorm benchmark/gap analysis focuses on the organizational structure, employees, operations and risks. The analysis is from an emergency response, security, systems, facilities, workplace violence, and communications perspective.

The analysis consists of the following data gathering techniques:

Comprehensive Site Assessment

Firestorm evaluates an organization’s existing physical security structure (its facilities, systems, and processes), and assess how well key assets are being protected against likely threats. Firestorm also assesses the company’s ability to determine how well prepared it is to detect, assess, and respond to incidents. This site inspection is led by a member of the Firestorm team with subject matter expertise in security related issues.

Plan/Document Review

Firestorm conducts reviews of existing documentation for identification of current policies and documents that can be used in addressing principles and core elements of the organization’s overall business continuity program. Firestorm analyzes security, natural and man-made disasters, terrorism, and communicable illness exposures, along with the company’s current disaster plans, insurance and Human Resource policies and communication strategies.

Surveys of Targeted Employees

A predetermined number of employees are included in our customized survey that analyzes employees’ knowledge of the company’s emergency response procedures. Critical vendor resiliency surveys may also be considered, to determine the disaster preparedness level of the company’s most critical vendors.

One-on-one Interviews with Management/Senior Leadership

Personal interviews are conducted during the site inspection to further determine the company’s level of disaster preparedness among senior leadership.

The results of the benchmark/gap analysis are documented in a written analysis with follow-up recommendations.

Upon completion of the benchmark/gap analysis, Firestorm will be better positioned to understand the current state of a company’s existing environment, and is able to present a comprehensive findings report of the organization’s current level of preparedness. Thereafter, if necessary, Firestorm will propose a process to address performance levels and plan enhancement/development, as well as an implementation strategy.

Together, we will create a comprehensive Business Continuity Program that includes an Enterprise Level Plan, Business Unit Template Plans, and Facility Level Templates, as necessary. Firestorm will also identify strategic advantages relative to your competition and leverage potential revenue opportunities.