Custom Crisis TrainingWhat Percentage of your Employees are Ready if a Crisis Hits Today?

Firestorm Customized Crisis Training Programs underscore our on-going commitment to training in support of a culture of preparedness. We offer custom, onsite workshop and virtual courses both to clients and the general public.

For our corporate clients, these courses may be used as compliance tools to assure awareness and demonstrate the ability to use training. Our corporate clients can use our Customized Crisis Training Programs as part of their governance compliance program, to ensure that employees understand the various preparedness plans, and to document employee’s completion of required training. We develop custom courses tailored to specific needs of our corporate clients.

 The PREDICT Phase

Assess your current readiness level;
Identify and classify the critical risks;
Ascertain critical decisions, analyze gaps;
Identify infrastructure needs; and
Define reporting and investigating requirements.

The PLAN Phase

Develop the strategy;
Construct the plan, including policies & procedures;
Identify key personnel; and
Develop training and awareness programs.

 The PERFORM Phase

Establish protocols for implementation
First responder/community involvement;
Test exercises;
Audits/reviews, updates, and compliance.