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A crisis is not business as usual. A crisis is business as unusual.

A crisis is defined as any situation with the potential to significantly and adversely impact the performance, business operations, or reputation of a Company, and over which normal, routine incident management offers diminished leverage in determining outcomes. If not handled appropriately, a crisis and the resulting response may dramatically impact a Company’s profitability, reputation, ability to operate, or even the continuity of a business.

What Should we do now?  What should we say?

In a crisis, it’s easy to become paralyzed and not know what the next step should be.  Something must be done, and it must be done well; otherwise the crisis can become worse.

We Help Clients Control Crisis

In crisis, we assist senior management in developing or implementing a Crisis Management Plan.  We provide advice and insight to help managers make crucial decisions.  We can provide communication experts to assist with social media communications and public relations.

The 10 Critical Aspects of Crisis Management – What Executives Need to Know

Most executives are trained to make decisions based upon information, data, and policy. In a crisis,

  • Information is generally wrong
  • Data is not available
  • Policies do not exist
  • Command & Control is lost
  • Brand & reputation are under attack
  • Leadership is involved and engaged personally
  • Impacts are disproportional
  • Events are escalating
  • Speed is quality or even survival
  • You are the center of media focus

The above dynamics work aggressively against traditional empirical management decision processes. Decisions must be made quickly with limited and often incorrect information. A crisis is not business as usual. A crisis is business as unusual. Crises have a short duration, but have consequences that can determine the viability of a business or organization for years to come. If you are explaining, you are losing.

We Understand Urgency

If you’re in crisis, please contact our emergency response team. We would look forward to talking to you, and explaining how we can help your team now.

As the leading crisis management company, our founders, executives, principals, and Expert Council are available to assist as needed.  We put together the right team for you.

Plan Implementation

Crisis Planning

Through our Predict.Plan.Perform® methodology, we help businesses and organizations develop a Crisis Management Plan (CMP) template.  If such a template is available, we work with businesses and organization to customize the plan for the current crisis, and to implement the plan.  The speed at which effective action can be taken with a pre-existing plan is critical.

We understand that not all businesses and organizations will have developed a CMP prior to crisis.  Even a plan, in some cases the plan will not fully cover the crisis at hand.

Crisis Communication

How people think a company is managing a crisis is just as important as what is actually being done. 

In Crisis, senior management is often focused entirely on managing the “direct” issues associated with a crisis. Often, while management may be doing an excellent job internally mitigating the effects of a crisis, if their actions are not effectively communicated externally, serious consequences can arise, including:

  • Public and social media outrage about not being kept informed
  • Decline in stock and shareholder value
  • Customer concern (or, with respect to schools and universities, parent concern)
  • Vendor concern

These are only a few examples; as all crisis will be different, different constituencies will be affected.

We help senior management identify such constituencies, and help them implement a communication plan so that the crisis is not exacerbated.

The Road to Recovery

A crisis doesn’t always end when the media and cameras leave.  Frequently, crisis exposes vulnerabilities that must be rectified, which could range from security issues to brand and reputation damage.

The experts and help needed will depend upon the harm inflicted.  We assist management with developing a plan of recovery after crisis has ended to put businesses back in the position they were prior to the crisis.

To learn more, please read about Crisis Business Continuity.

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As the leading crisis management company, our founders, executives, principals, and Executive Council are available to assist as needed.  We put together the right team for you.

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