Behavioral Risk Threat Assessment or BeRThA® for Business

Every day, we see more and more instances of violence entering the workplace; whether from disgruntled employees post-termination, or from domestic violence carrying over onto the workplace property. Our ability to keep our employees, customers, visitors and ourselves safe depends upon identifying potential behaviors of concern before they enter the workplace.

Many businesses have implemented emergency response plans that address protocols to use for an active shooter, e.g. lockdown. They have set up crisis teams to respond when a bad event has occurred. Although a robust emergency response plan requires these tactics, they do not address the real problem— ‘how do we end the madness?”

The answer to keeping our employees and others safe lies in prevention. It is the job of every responsible business leader to try and prevent acts of violence.

Firestorm® works with organizations to implement a program that will prevent such acts in the first instance — a program that will identify at-risk employees long before they progress down a path of violence. Such a program will foster an environment of enhanced safety, and give employees the ability to perform more optimally.

Download the Infographic: How to Spot the Warnings – Connecting the Dots

Can this be done? It can be done through an organization’s implementation of a Behavioral Risk Threat Assessment Program – a program Firestorm calls BeRThA®. Its goal is to enable an organization to intercede before an act of violence occurs.

To learn more about the BeRThA® program and to activate a License and Training for your organization email [email protected] or call us at (800) 321-2219.


The BeRThA program will assist organizations in identifying, assessing, managing and responding to individuals or groups who may pose threats of violence. There are some guiding principles of the BeRThA program:

  • Assessing threats must be part of an overall strategy to reduce violence. Assessment by itself, absent an environment of respect, career development, communication between leadership and employees, conflict management and mediation, peer education, Human Resource engagement is unlikely to have a lasting effect on the problem of workplace violence.
  • No single person has all the skills required to conduct a behavioral risk screening and no single person should have the sole responsibility to assess the potential risk of a an employee. The BeRThA program is designed using best practices and input from hands-on crisis management experience obtained by Firestorm principals and Expert Council Members, as well as the US Secret Service, FBI, Department of Education and other thought leaders on the topic of school and workplace violence.
  • BeRThA provides personnel with a wealth of information about behavioral threats as well as the availability of responding resources. For example, an employee who expresses a low-level of threat may still be one with a high-level of need for intervention, supervision and mental health/EAP services.  In the light of prevention, identifying a similar employee and empowering support services that may help address/resolve his or her problems, should be seen as a positive outcome for all involved.

Firestorm provides crisis management to organizations nationally and has identified actionable solutions to address threats before they escalate. The Firestorm vulnerability assessment process incorporates proven techniques and strategies developed through hands-on experience garnered in crisis environments.

Firestorm is also regularly engaged to perform behavioral risk/threat assessments of individuals who exhibit behaviors of concern.  Firestorm principals have led threat assessment teams that include Forensic Psychologists and law enforcement professionals, in evaluating the risk an individual poses. Where necessary, Firestorm works with the organization to manage risk and secure the facility or facilities and most critically, to guide the organization in its crisis communications and messaging to all stakeholders.

Please call Firestorm at 770-643-1114 or reach out via our CONTACT form and let us answer any questions you may have to assure your organization is doing everything possible to keep your organization secure.