Crisis Planning for Businesses and Organizations

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All organizations are vulnerable to crisis.  Crisis, however, is not always unavoidable.

We create value for businesses through crisis planning, prevention, and response. Our programs help organizations prepare for crisis and minimize risk. We create Disaster Ready People.

Our Predict.Plan.Perform.® methodology helps businesses identify vulnerabilities, assess their current status of crisis preparedness, recognize the key areas in which their businesses and organizations are at risk, and address how key areas in crisis should be handled.  Our comprehensive crisis materials and programs help educate business leaders so that they are better able to make strategic decisions before and during crisis.

In crisis, the continuity of a business or organization may be at risk.  A crisis is not business as usual. A crisis is business as unusual.

As the leading crisis management company, our founders, executives, principals, and Expert Council are available to assist as needed.  We put together the right team for you.

Vulnerability Identification

Crisis Planning

Through our Predict.Plan.Perform® methodology, we help businesses and organizations:

We are adept at identifying vulnerabilities and crisis threats that our clients often do not recognize.  Once vulnerabilities are identified, many potential sources of risk can be eliminated or minimized.  We work with businesses to develop and implement plans for such risk mitigation.

Crisis Preparedness Assessment

Before planning for crisis, businesses and organizations need to assess their current status of crisis preparedness.  We help facilitate assessment through various processes, tools, and exercises.

The outcome of these assessments is that business and organization will have a better understanding of their level of crisis preparedness, which enables more focused and customized crisis planning.

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Areas of Risk

Business and organizations face threats from many area, including;

Many of the crisis threats associated with these and other areas can be minimized. We have leading experts that can help your business or organization create and implement an action plan towards minimizing risk where possible, and planning for potential crisis.

Crisis Management Plan Template

A Crisis Management Plan Template is designed to provide comprehensive, practical, and structured guidance to those responsible for developing a Crisis Management Plan and other related Crisis Response documents for your Company. This plan contains a recommended structure, outline, and contents for a typical Crisis Management Plan. It also includes representative support team functions that could be called into action when the Crisis Management Team is activated.

A CMP is intended to:

  • Document your CMP model
  • Identify Crisis Management Team(s)
  • Document communication protocols among groups
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Determine appropriate decision making authority and responsibilities at the local & corporate levels.

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