Roswell NM School Shooting – Berrendo Middle School – Updates

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Update 1/16/2014: Gov. Susana Martinez said Thursday the boy who was shot in the face and neck at a New Mexico middle school is heavily sedated and on a breathing machine, but his doctors are optimistic. Martinez told reporters the student remained in critical condition at a Lubbock, Texas, hospital and doctors have repaired slight damage to his heart. She also said his face and head are covered in pockmarks from the shotgun pellets, and both of his eyes were injured. Still, she said, the boy has improved. “The doctors feel good about him,” Martinez said.

Update 1/14/2014 – As per a 4:30 PM Eastern News Conference:

Governor of New Mexico Susana Martinez stated: Students had gathered in the school gym against the weather.SchoolsBrochure2  The shooter entered the gym and opened fire.  Two students and one staff member were injured. The shooter was stopped by a staff member who asked the student to put down the weapon, and the shooter complied.  The Principal of the school was locking the school door, saw a state police lieutenant dropping off his child, and requested assistance from the officer, Lieutenant Gary Smith.

New Mexico State Police say the shooter was 12-years-old, in 7th grade and that a shotgun was used.

State Police Chief Pete Kassetas commended the school staff and the Principal for saving many lives by their quick-thinking actions.

Witnesses report that the shooter may have concealed the weapon in a musical instrument case.

Earlier Updates:

A 12-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl were airlifted to a Lubbock, Texas, hospital after a school shooting in Roswell, according to a University Medical Center spokesman.

The boy is listed in critical condition, but the girl has been upgraded to serious condition. A Roswell hospital confirmed the two students they hospitalized from Berrendo Middle School after the shooting were the same victims airlifted to Lubbock.

The school remained on lockdown after the shooting on Tuesday morning. New Mexico State Police officials said local authorities were dispatched to the school at 8:11 a.m.

According to KOB News, witnesses told KOB the shooting took place in the gym before school started. Several witnesses said the shooter fired a gun into a crowd of students before a teacher tackled him. According to the Roswell Police Department Facebook page, the shooter was apprehended.

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