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Ken Mercer and Ryan Mercer Firestorm Maryland

Ken Mercer and Ryan Mercer

Firestorm empowers people to manage risk and crises and is pleased to announce their most recent franchise expansion in the State of Maryland. New Firestorm franchise owners are father and son team, Ken and Ryan Mercer, Principals of Crisis Averted LLC, a business consultancy serving the Baltimore metropolitan area and surrounding counties.

“We are very pleased to have the Mercers join the Firestorm network,” said Firestorm President and CEO Jim Satterfield. “Ken and Ryan bring a diverse set of business insights and experiences to the Firestorm Franchise, with unique backgrounds in Lean principles, communications and critical decision support for private- and public-sector businesses.”

“Preparedness and resiliency are brand attributes. We chose Firestorm because they are a national leader in business continuity planning, risk mitigation, and crisis management. Our goal is to help businesses handle crises in a proactive manner rather than reactive,” said Ken Mercer.

Ryan Mercer added: “By championing the PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM® methodology created by Firestorm, we have greater ability on behalf of our clients to uncover business risks and vulnerabilities, facilitate the creation of plans and processes to mitigate damages, and implement strategies that ensure businesses and organizations survive the worst. In a world where preparedness is no longer a commodity, but rather a necessity, we chose Firestorm because of their track record. Firestorm’s proven methods and tools will allow us to deliver peace of mind to Maryland schools and businesses.”

The Mercers encourage any business that is unsure of its vulnerabilities or ability to withstand a crisis to contact them for a no-fee assessment. The Principals may be reached at [email protected] or 443-583-3359. On social accounts, visit Ken and Ryan on LinkedIn, on Twitter at @FirestormMD or via the Firestorm website at

Crisis Management Ken MercerABOUT KEN MERCER

Ken is a graduate of West Virginia University with a degree in pharmacy.  He brings significant experience to Health Industry businesses with a focus on Hospitals and Senior Care Centers.  He has managed retail, nursing home, and hospital pharmacies and has owned a successful business during his twenty-nine year career. In October of 2017, Ken became a member of the Frederick Community College (FCC) Emergency Management Program Advisory Committee. The committee serves to strengthen the competencies of future emergency management professionals.

Ken’s extensive operations management and lean principals experience provides our customers with a global business perspective with a clear and profound connection to the impact on human well-being and safety.

The proud father of three successful children, lives in Baltimore, and enjoys scuba diving, sailing, and playing guitar.

Ken Mercer  | 410-303-0635 |  [email protected]

Crisis Management Ryan MercerABOUT RYAN MERCER

Ryan is a proud alumnus of the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC where he holds a BM with a focus in Business Management. Over the past two years Ryan has developed financial management strategies for several businesses. Most recently, he created a POS system for alcohol sales at the Washington Nationals ballpark that facilitated $260 in cash sales per minute for 4.5 hours straight on Opening Day of 2014.

Through his education and experience, Ryan has developed expert communication and critical decision support skills. He currently lives in Silver Spring with his spouse, Kate.

Ryan Mercer  |  443-583-3359  |  [email protected]

*Firestorm Principal