Preparedness Benefits your Company’s Talent Brand

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Over the past couple of years, we have heard a good deal about a Company’s “Talent Brand.”

“The ideal talent brand finds its power in the organization’s top-line business focus, its workplace culture, and, ultimately, in the shared values it embodies.” — Intervista Institute

What is Talent Brand?

As detailed in Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends 2013 report – Talent branding is the number three Indicator in the report – “Social media has erased whatever lines used to exist between the corporate brand and the talent brand. They’re two sides of the same coin.”

How do you build your talent brand?

Melissa Allen of Workopolis writes: “Talent branding “requires building leading talent practices and communicating them effectively and consistently. Get it right and the potential of brand convergence can work in your favor.” That is to say, when candidates and employees experience an overall fair and positive experience – at every stage in the employee cycle – it can work to harmonize the company’s overall image with that of its reputation as an employer. In other words, the benefit (the public’s positive perception of the corporation) of all of that investment in the company’s corporate branding efforts can spill over into how potential candidates view the company as a place to work. Potential candidates will seek you out, rather than the other way around.”

“A company’s talent brand is a direct result of their talent value proposition, “the framing of the actual experiences of the people who work for you,” according to the report. This entails taking a deep dive into how your company addresses the needs of the different talent segments within the organization, the involvement of leadership in this aspect, and how it’s communicated to candidates, among other factors. Once you’ve addressed these questions, adjust workforce practices so that critical talent has the opportunity to make even more of a contribution to the company and develop professionally.”

How Does Preparedness Play into the Talent Brand Equation?Disaster Ready People Book

Caring about and acting upon initiatives that highlight the health and safety of your employees, their families and community demonstrates a sincerity of purpose that is reflected across a company’s brand.
The points below play into strategic Talent Brand Management:

  • Identifying and anticipating needs for specific skills and pinpointing where these skills can be found
  • Attracting individuals with the kinds of talent and personal qualities to succeed in your culture
  • Aligning your full workforce with corporate strategy, and
  • Retaining and developing high performing team members.

With this is mind, Firestorm founders Harry Rhulen, Suzy Loughlin and Jim Satterfield wrote Disaster Ready People for a Disaster Ready America specifically to address the need for disaster preparedness at home, and the book has become a cornerstone of many corporate preparedness programs. Employees are attracted to companies that give more than lip services to personal safety and preparedness.  We know that “family trumps work every time.”

Preparedness is a Talent Brand Attribute.

Preparedness and Resiliency are key brand attributes for every company. According to LinkedIn: “Your talent brand is the highly social, totally public version of your employer brand that incorporates what talent thinks, feels, and shares about your company as a place to work. Today’s best corporate career sites feature employees sharing what it’s like to work there.”

“Every company has a talent brand. What do candidates find when they Google your company? What are current and former employees buzzing about in chat rooms? Does your messaging match what others say?
The good news is that there are multiple things you can do, many of them free, to showcase what makes your company special.”

It is our hope that part of this sharing includes employees voicing a sense of knowing what to do in times of disaster and crisis, as led by their employer. Download the Disaster Ready People eBook for free, or contact us to customize and brand the hard-copy for your Talent Branding and Preparedness initiatives.

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