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You will want a hard copy of your contact list in your Personal Preaction™ Notebook so that when an emergency does strike, you know exactly where to locate the phone numbers you need. Your contact list consists of three general categories:

  • Your extended family and any other personal support people
  • Emergency services (Police Department, Fire Department, utilities, etc.)
  • Business contacts (work associates)


Extended Family and Friends

You already started your contact list when you made the list of your immediate family or household members, complete with information about where they are in a typical week (See Communications/Rendezvous). If you haven’t completed a form for each family member, stop and do so now!

Add to your contact list any family members in your region who are not yet on the list. (Two or three families, especially if you live in the same neighborhood, can collaborate to great effect in a real catastrophe.) Contact information for reliable aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who live within 100 miles are all good choices.

Add relatives, friends and people you can count on who live more than 100 miles away. Include a counselor, babysitter or spiritual advisor and anyone who lives outside the United States. These are people you can really count on…no matter the distance.

You need these people on your contact list for three reasons:

If a disaster hits you, they will be concerned about your welfare and will want to be notified that you are okay.

If a major disaster forces you to evacuate, these people may be able to at least provide you temporary housing and possibly other resources.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, family out of your area can act as communication points if you and your immediate family get separated and/or if local lines/cell phones are not working.

It is imperative that everyone understand what it means to be on your list, so make sure no one minds being put on it. By offering to reciprocate you will let them know you care about them and alert them to the need for disaster preparedness.

Please click here for the Family Contacts Form

Emergency Services

A partial list of critical public/private emergency/non-emergency service providers is offered below. Add other numbers according to your specific needs:

  • Fire Water
  • Police Electric Power
  • Sheriff Natural Gas
  • Doctor Veterinarian
  • Dentist Phone Company (land line)
  • Ambulance Phone Company (cell service)
  • Hospital County Health Department

Please click here for the Emergency Services Contact Form

Business Contacts

You should create a list of business contacts as well as emergency and family contacts.

If you are a business owner, have an active partnership or a stake in one, you should:

  • Include your key operational and function-critical employees, accountant, insurance provider and lawyer in your list of contacts
  • Develop a crisis communications plan
  • Be sure all employees have a copy of the plan and are familiar with it

If you are an employee:

  • Ask your employer about the location-specific disaster plan at your physical work address and how you will be notified in case of an emergency.
  • If your place of employment has a crisis communications plan, get a copy and read it. Iif they don’t have a plan, offer to help them develop one.)

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Know how you fit into the plan

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Please click here for the Business Contacts Form


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