Disaster Ready People 12 Month Guide – Packing for Travel

What you pack for your trip depends on the purpose of your travel, the length of your stay and who, if anyone, is traveling with you. The following are some basic guidelines for most any journey.

The lighter you pack the better. You are more of a target when you are loaded down with luggage than when you carry a single bag.

This Not This

Dress and act conservatively. Avoid carrying or wearing expensive jewelry or displaying other signs of wealth (i.e. designer luggage, clothing, accessories, cameras, phones). Do not dress to draw attention to yourself or those with whom you are traveling. On the other hand, being dressed too casually marks you as a tourist. While this is sometimes unavoidable, try to be nondescript and keep your voice reasonably low. Be careful using gestures and never assume others do not understand English when you are traveling abroad.

This Not This

Avoid handbags without secure closures, fanny packs or outside pockets on bags and luggage as they offer easy picking for thieves. A bag with a shoulder strap that crosses the chest offers greater security. Or, wear a backpack in front of you or to the side. Pull it toward the front and secure with one arm. A money belt or pouch worn inside clothing may be preferable.

Keep medicines in their original containers. If authorities go through your luggage (this can happen at any international/domestic port of entry/exit). You need to prove the meds you are carrying belong to you so they are not mistaken for illegal drugs. (As an extra precaution for those traveling abroad, have your pharmacy print a copy of your prescription receipt(s) to verify your meds belong to you.)

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