Disaster Ready People 12 Month Guide – Month 12: Be Alert and Confident

Regardless of whether you are on familiar ground, awareness is your best defense against becoming a victim:

  • Walk with purpose and do not succumb to ploys that abound in heavy tourist areas. Each region has its specific con-artist tricks and guide books usually offer warnings to the observant tourist. These offenders usually throw up obvious red-flags to their tactics, so be one step ahead of them to avoid being their next victim!
  • When entering any building, pay attention to exit signs and other departure points.
  • If traveling in a group, have a meeting place and emergency plans for everyone in case members of your group get separated from one another.
  • Note hospitals, urgent care facilities, police and sheriff stations, etc.
  • If you see evacuation route signs, note the direction they are pointing as well as their nearest mojor intersection.
  • Keep your cell phone charged. If you carry a wireless device, make note of coffee shops and other places where Wi-Fi connections are available.

In summary, know what is around you and constantly assess your immediate environment. After you have developed a pattern of awareness it will become second nature.

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