Disaster Ready People 12 Month Guide – Month 10: Medical History

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Don’t be deceived by the brevity of this chapter. It will require a great deal of research and attention to detail on your part. However, knowing and documenting your family’s medical history enables others to know it in time of need. If you are unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate with others, having the proper forms available can mean the difference between life and death, literally. Using the forms at the end of this section, you should prepare concise documentation for each member of your family. At a minimum, each Personal Medical History form should include the following information:

Current medical condition (make a note of any mental or physical limitations)

Current routinely taken prescribed/over-the-counter medications with exact dosages

Blood type, age, weight and height

Any known allergies to drugs, food, seasonal changes and insect bites

Doctor(s)’ contact information (refer to your Emergency Services Contact List – Month 4)

A recent photo (taken within the last 6 months – especially in the case of young children)

Include each person’s name, address, and emergency contact number on the reverse side of the photo

Please click here for Personal Medical History Form

Identification: A copy of driver’s license or passport (when age appropriate)

Medical release form for each member of your family.

Explanation: If you need medical attention and have a medical release with you, doctors can proceed with treatment that might otherwise be denied. Additionally, if your child needs medical attention and you are not physically present or are incapacitated, this authorization can be used in your absence. Use the form provided at the end of this section or as a model to create your own. When access to care is critical you do NOT want to waste precious time gathering essential information to satisfy administrative requirements.

A TIP TO PARENTS: Using the interactive Personal Medical History form allows you to add as much medical information you wish. Why not keep a comprehensive record of your child’s immunizations so it will be at your finger tips for emergencies as well as new doctor visits, annual school registration, etc? Just think how much time and frustration you could prevent by keeping all that information in one place.

Please click here for the Medical Consent Form

Please click here for Personal Medical History Form

Please click here for Personal Medication Log


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