Merged Media Expert Stan Polit Joins Firestorm Expert Council

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Stan PolitFirestorm is exceptionally pleased to announce the addition of Crisis Communication and Merged Media Expert Stan Polit to the Firestorm Expert Council.

“I am very honored to join the Expert Council because Firestorm and I share the same passion for understanding the human elements of a crisis.  As someone who studies the narratives emerging from crises, a partnership with Firestorm seemed like a natural fit.  My goal is that this partnership will help clients to embrace their role in shaping these stories and find new ways to emphasize restoration and resilience.”

Stan Polit is a nationally recognized speaker, communication coach, and crisis communication scholar. As a three-time collegiate national champion public speaker, he has actively worked with universities and organizations to improve the quality of their public communication efforts.  

Prior to serving on Firestorm’s Expert Council, he received a Masters in Communication while working as a coach for George Mason University’s competitive public speaking team.  As a communication coach, his students reached 11 national and international final rounds and won two international championships.  He also helped advise and coordinate the creation of numerous community outreach and public speaking empowerment initiatives.

As a researcher, Stan focuses on the ways organizations and their leaders can embrace audience-centered messages to repair and rebuild images in the wake of a crisis.  In particular, he seeks to understand how changing perceptions of “crises” and “risks” impact the way organizations should prepare and respond to stakeholder needs. 

His research in the areas of crisis communication and public relations has been featured at numerous national and international conferences including the National Communication Association National Convention, Disaster Recovery Journal’s World Business Continuity Conference, and the International Crisis and Risk Communication Conference. Please join us in welcoming Stan to Firestorm in the comments below.

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