Hurricane Season – Helping Employees Prepare

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The first of June not only brings sunshine and summer activity planning, it also marks the beginning of Hurricane Season. For those who live and work close to coastal lines, taking necessary precautions for disaster is extremely important.

According to Ready.Gov, hurricanes can produce winds exceeding 155 miles per hour and be accompanied by tornadoes and microbursts. Excessive flooding and heavy rain must be expected during storms with damages occurring hundreds of miles inland.

Last week, The Home Depot released supply lists to help customers prepare and recover for hurricane season. The home improvement store suggested those who live in hurricane-prone areas to follow precautionary steps by stocking up on the following materials:

Preparing for a Hurricane:home depot

  • Building Materials
    • Plywood and sheathing
    • Storm and hurricane panels
    • Weatherstripping
    • Builder’s hardware
  • Generators and other power
    • Generators
    • Wet/dry vacs
    • Dehumidifiers
    • Sump pumps
  • Preparation supplies
    • Tarps
    • Ladders
    • Buckets
    • Home emergency kit

Recovering from a Hurricane:

  • Building materials
    • Drywall
    • Doors and windows
    • Lumber
    • Insulation
  • Restoration Equipment
    • Wet/dry vacs
    • Pressure washers
    • Blower fans
    • Dehumidifiers
  • Cleaning tools and supplies
    • Ladders
    • Buckets
    • Yard tools
    • Cleaning

In addition to supply lists, the store has created a full Play It Safe, Get Prepared hurricane guide for customers. The guide provides details on the following subjects:

  • Hurricane education
  • Preparing and recovering
  • Checklist and supplies
  • Generators
  • Tracking the storm
  • Hurricane tracking map

View the full guide here.  When used together with the Firestorm eBook, Disaster Ready People for a Disaster Ready America, you can feel confident in helping employees prepare in the case of a natural disaster or crisis.

Firestorm applauds preparedness efforts that educate the public and demonstrate the need for preparedness from an individual and workplace standpoint.


This is the very reason that Nexis Preparedness Systems (NPS) has been a strategic partner with Firestorm for many years, and in 2015 made the decision to become principals in the Firestorm organization as their San Francisco Bay Area office. 

-MARCH- 2nd Wednesday CoverFirestorm NPS is the leader in providing a comprehensive approach to physical preparedness.  With proprietary tools, NPS designs supply solutions based on best practices and critical metrics to align with site objectives.  Additionally, NPS will monitor workplace preparedness supplies and inventory expiration dates so that supplies are always viable to meet response and life safety needs.

As the experts in supply logistics and design solutions for many years, NPS has found that employees (and others on company property during a crisis such as vendors, clients, and visitors), are unsure of how or when to use their supplies in crisis.  Their business crisis and business continuity programs, plans and processes need to include supply logistic solutions that align with response plans and vulnerabilities and threats, but most often do not. Nexis Preparedness Systems has partnered with Firestorm to provide a superior solution in this regard.

You can also learn more by accessing the Firestorm brief based on the webinar “Natural Disasters in the Workplace – Providing for Employees in the Workplacepresented by Jim Satterfield, President, COO and Co-Founder of Firestorm. Joining Jim was Jeff Hamilton, Firestorm Principal and Vice President and COO of Nexis Preparedness Systems.

In this Brief, we discuss the high points of the Firestorm Methodology, the PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® process and how to protect employees when disaster strikes.

You may not be able to predict when a natural disaster will strike. What you can predict is how to prepare your organization for a disaster. In the webinar, Jim and Jeff reviewed necessary resources every company must house to be properly equipped. The policies, processes and procedures that must be developed prior to a disaster are outlined.

Download the Brief of the Webinar

Watch the Presentation on Our YouTube Channel

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