PSecure Engineered Construction Solutionseople are at the center of what we do.

The Firestorm Security Solutions team is comprised of highly trained, former US Secret Service Agents empowered to assist all staff, design customized plans and respond to critical incidents for your organization.

Throughout design, Firestorm Security Solutions becomes an integral member of the design team assisting the client, architect, and construction management entities to ensure the proper decisions are made regarding safety and security features and design.

We assist the client by serving as the conduit thru which all safety and security related decisions are made, thus maximizing schedule and budgetary efficiency and inserting much needed, and unrivaled, expertise into the process.

Our Services:

  • Staffed by former US Secret Service Agents
  • Experience in creating security design elements for critical national facilities and events
  • We integrate safety and security features while the building design is constructed
  • We fully integrate Emergency Planning and Training processes
  • We are integral members of the design team regarding safety and security

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