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Today, every school states, “we have something.”

Something” is not enough.


Many schools have several of the elements of school violence prevention in place, but active shooters and violence continue to increase. There are nine (9) school violence prevention elements and all nine must be in place to align with best practices. Leaving out one or more elements places our schools, students, and teachers at increased risk. Each school must have all these elements in place to do the same thing, the same way, every time. Failure will result in missing an opportunity to prevent violence.

#ShareTheFormula to prevent School and Workplace ViolenceFirestorm has invested more than 10 years of research and development regarding active shooters, school violence, suicide, sexual molestation, bullying, stalking, and other behaviors of concern along with intervention, metrics, and deescalation to analyze:

• What went wrong? When?
• Were there warning signs?
• How and when did the school respond?
• When did the first behaviors of concern begin?
• What was missed?
• How could these behaviors have been recognized?
• How do you categorize and screen behaviors?
• What tools are available and what new tools are needed?
• Can existing lay school staff, in addition to mental health professionals, be trained to conduct the necessary categorization, screening, and case management steps?
• What training is needed?
• Who needs training?
• What is the role of artificial intelligence?
• What are best practices for response?
• How can a school afford a total solution?

Firestorm has developed the best-practices formula for school violence prevention. None of the elements are optional, and all must be
integrated together to have an actionable school violence prevention program. A successful school violence prevention
program hinges on implementing the entire formula.


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