Implementing an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) enables a timely response to an emergency event, with the objective of protecting people and property and satisfying stakeholder expectations. Firestorm will prepare a custom emergency response plan (ERP) for the site that will meet and, in most cases, exceed any applicable state laws or licensing regulations.

An Emergency Response Plan will:

  • Identify internal emergency response personnel.
  • Document roles and responsibilities for internal emergency response personnel.
  • Develop response procedures that align to the emergency response objectives and assumptions for evacuation, shelter-in-place, lockdown and lockout.
  • Establish detailed response protocols for a variety of emergencies or critical incidents, such as fire, natural disasters, and medical emergencies.
  • Include forms that can be used to document suspicious activity, the dates of drills or exercises and reunification of activities.
  • Designate alerts and notification protocols to internal and external resources/stakeholders to be utilized during each emergency or critical incident.

In addition, Firestorm will establish and make contact with off-site evacuation locations suitable for the site. The plan will include routes to identified relocation sites. The plan will not include detailed floor plans.

Firestorm will deliver one hard-copy of the plan along with quick reference flip charts for each classroom and office. In addition, Firestorm will provide one electronic copy, as well as a flash drive containing the ERP that can be used to store critical emergency contact information, medical treatment and transportation authorizations, and other critical documents and information.

Each ERP is reviewed by a former or retired U.S. Secret Service Agent with decades of experience developing and implementing emergency response procedures.