An essential component of security and emergency preparedness is training staff on how to more effectively respond to a critical incident.

The goal of Critical Incident Response Training is to enhance coordination, communication, and proficiency among response staff. Firestorm recognizes that an emergency plan is useful before and after an emergency; however, the most important thing that will effect the outcome of an emergency or critical incident is training. Firestorm has established a multi-hazard training program to better prepare those charged with leading the response to respond effectively during emergencies.

Training provided by Firestorm includes discussions of the four main response options during emergencies – evacuation, shelter-in-place, lockout, and lockdown. It includes an interactive discussion on common physiological responses that occur during emergencies, as well as strategies to combat the potentially debilitating impact of those responses.

The training is typically three hours in length and also covers a broad range of targeted violence hazards including a violent intruder, bomb threats, suspicious packages, insider violence, child abduction, hostage situations, and custody-related confrontations. The training also includes hands-on instruction on strategies for the prevention of targeted violence.

Our Training

The Critical Response Training can include:

  • Two interactive lockdown scenarios during each training session
  • Training on the response options ‘Secure, Evacuate, Confront,’ to respond to lockdown scenarios.
  • Real-time trainee feedback immediately following each training scenario.

Completed Critical Incident Response Training is recognized with a facility certificate and personalized trainee certificates. One year of virtual support as well as marketing material is included with each Critical Incident Response Training session.