How Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

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  1. Behavioral Threat Assessment (BERTHA)
  2. Business Continuity Self-Assessment
  3. Business Impact Analysis
  4. Social Media Risk Assessment
  5. Workplace Violence Assessment
  6. Threat Assessments

Every company should assess its level of preparedness on a regular basis. By taking advantage of this window to prepare, your organization will be ready to certify—and gain a recognized competitive advantage.

That’s where the Firestorm Self-Assessment process comes in. We have developed proprietary software and use a quick, cost-efficient approach that provides an in-depth evaluation of your organization’s readiness.

No Formal Program?

Get Started. The Firestorm Self-Assessment is one of many tools we offer to make sure you adopt a business continuity program specific to your needs – quickly, cost-effectively and in compliance with best practices and standards.

Program in Place?

Great! Verify that your program meets best practices and standards. Discover the gaps in your program before the damage is done. The Firestorm Self-Assessment can diagnose strengths and weaknesses in your program, and recommend the most cost-effective measures to ensure your company has a culture of preparedness.

Each Firestorm Self-Assessment is completed in one sixty minute interview. Based on your answers to questions spanning multiple dimensions of readiness, a Firestorm Self-Assessment will provide a complete, high-level review and measurement of your program against industry best practices. The resulting numerical ratings generated will represent key pieces of business data in the relationship of one or more dimensions.

Firestorm recognizes this as your PREACTION INDEX.

The PREACTION INDEX™ and related analyses of key measurement points can be focused on numerous areas of overall business preparedness. Firestorm Self-Assessment products have been used to:

  • Measure programs against best practices
  • Appraise programs against industry standards
  • Provide executives with a clear, concise picture of overall program performance
  • Determine preparedness for a communicable illness outbreak
  • Evaluate readiness to deal with a workplace violence incident

“Preparedness is not a luxury; it is a cost of doing business”

–The 9/11 Commission Report

Are You Prepared?… How Do You Know?…

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