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There are threats and risks you can identify before they become crises, if you listen and look. Today, initial threats or risk behaviors are easily observed with the right tools. Through Artificial Intelligence, Firestorm helps identify targeted threats and risks before they materialize. As a result, there is time for intervention. In many cases, the risks are mitigated or eliminated.

AI Empowers Decision-Making

INTELLIGENCE PROGRAMS are vital to identifying risks and making decisions about those risks. These programs:

IDENTIFY the target within the seemingly chaotic conversation universe to empower effective decision-making when it matters most.

‘LISTEN’ to the complex patterns of conversation that matter to you, in a structured, investigative manner, where and as they occur.

‘LOOK’ at locations, events, persons of interest, and spheres of influence to see the impacts.


The application of experience in combination with the identified risks, threats and vulnerabilities provides predictive, and actionable intelligence.

In-Depth Tools and Expertise

Simply having a “tool” to monitor is not enough. Expertise and experience are needed to understand the nuance of intelligence gathering.

Firestorm has this experience and has created strong partnerships with providers of intelligence gathering. We have combined best-in-class tools to keep your organization and community safer.

At Firestorm, we understand that you need a cost-effective solution that is “LISTENING” to all major social media platforms to determine potential threats to individuals and others. We then take listening a step further by “LOOKING” at very specific potential threats, risks and persons of interest.

Artificial Intelligence

Our solutions combine leading artificial intelligence tools and data engineers, with seasoned practitioners.

Firestorm monitoring uses key ‘indicators’, phrases, and words to provide 24/7 alerts. These direct, real-time feeds come from all major social media networks including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Reddit and many others. Firestorm employs proprietary algorithms to instantly identify potential threats and alert stakeholders to take action when needed, proactive vs. reactive.

Smart Listening

We know what to listen for and what it all means in the right context across various types of users and regions.

In Listening, we create structured “streams” to listen to. These listening streams are customized to fit the syntax and context of your cultural environment and data intelligence needs.

Streams are comprised of up to ten keyword phrases. Keywords are words, acronyms, and hashtags, and meta-tags that may be used in the context of social conversation, traditional media mentions, and other social messages and postings that are specific to your environment. These include images and videos.

When listening streams identify a potential threat, we investigate further by Looking. We establish a ‘risk profile’ to identify the potential threats before harmful actions are taken. We then employ deeper virtual investigation approaches and alerts to avoid potential threat outcomes. Additionally, Firestorm expertise includes design, training, and implementation of behavioral risk threat assessment programs for organizations.

Firestorm provides artificial intelligence monitoring services for clients across a wide range of industries. Learn how we can make a difference in your organization.

“A crisis is not business as usual. A crisis is business as unusual.

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